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Want to add some greenery to your indoor space without the hassle of maintenance?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

As indoor plant specialists, we offer an extensive range of indoor plants for offices, corporate spaces, hotels, clubs, shopping centres, and private residences. With a regular client base, we have experience working with small businesses, offices, and councils.

Our plant selection is based on the location, available light, and space, and we even provide pots to suit the chosen plants or work with your existing collection. With over 25 years of experience in indoor plant hire and horticulture, our expert team knows how to keep your plants thriving.

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plants in the home and workspace offer numerous benefits beyond improving aesthetics. They purify the air, increase oxygen and humidity, and reduce stress levels, promoting overall wellbeing. Incorporating plants into indoor spaces is an easy and effective way to enhance living environments and create productive workspaces.

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